Restaurants under the “Fulum” main brand

Established in November 2010, Fulum Palace provides all-day Cantonese cuisine for mass market customers as well as wedding banquet services. To provide an atmosphere and theme suitable for hosting wedding and other celebrating banquets, our Fulum Palace restaurants are laid out in European palace-style decorations which are spacious and sport main theme colors of white and gold. Our Fulum Palace restaurants have audio visual equipment and stages with laser lighting for the use of our banquet customers.

Established in August 2007, Fulum Restaurants target business and family clientele with an affordable pricing strategy. Fulum Restaurants mainly serve seafood, Dim Sum, hotpot cuisine and a wide range of Cantonese cuisine. In order to provide a comfortable dining experience for our business and family clientele, our Fulum Restaurants provide private dining rooms suitable for business meals and family gatherings.

Established in July 2001,Fulum Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant targets mass market customers and markets itself as a brand that provides high-quality seafood dishes to customers at affordable prices. Each Fulum Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant has a number of large fish tanks to display live seafood in order to give customers the feeling of being at a fisherman’s wharf.

Established in January 2005, Pleasant Palace is the first brand that we created to focus on wedding banquet services. In order to provide an elegant and comfortable dining and banquet experience for our customers, Pleasant Palace restaurant venues have a spacious environment sporting the main theme colors of white and gold. The decoration of our restaurants enhances the image of Chinese banquets. For our wedding banquet customers, we will assign a wedding planner on a one-to-one basis, to assist our customers in the preparation, planning and hosting of the wedding banquet.

Established in September 2011, our Banquet Palace restaurant focuses on wedding banquet services. Banquet Palace restaurant has a European palace-style interior design catering to wedding banquet customers.

Restaurants under the ‘‘Sportful Garden’’ main brand

Established in September 2002, restaurants under our ‘‘Sportful Garden’’ main brand focus on mid-to-high end Cantonese cuisine ~targeting Mid-to-high end customers. Sportful Garden restaurants usually occupy smaller-sized restaurant areas than our ‘‘Fulum’’ main brand restaurants. They are designed and renovated in a luxurious high-end manner to cater to more discerning high-end customers. Through this line of business, we are able to provide venues suitable for business meals as well as dining experiences geared toward more formal gatherings of families and friends. Many of our signature dishes served in Sportful Garden Restaurants use high-end food ingredients, such as abalone, sea cucumber, and other fresh seafood and bird’s nest.

Specialty cuisine restaurants under the “Fulum Concept”line of business

Established in May 2005, Treasure City Hot Pot Seafood Restaurants mainly focus on value for- money hotpot cuisine targeting the mass market.

Established in June 2005, Winter Steam Pot Restaurants focus on high-end hotpot cuisine targeting mid-to-high end customers. We offer a wide range of fresh seafood ingredients to attract seafood lovers.

Established in June 2014, our MeokBang Korean BBQ & Bar restaurant specializes in Korean cuisine. A slang popular among the Korean people, the term ‘‘meokbang’’ (written as ‘‘炑八’’ in Hanja or ‘‘먹벙’’ in Hangul) refers to a place where friends come together to enjoy food and drinks. We aim to offer our customers an authentic experience of Korean barbecue in a relaxed place where they can enjoy a wide range of Korean cuisine dishes.

Established in June 2016, Co Co Kitchen introduced the healthy and refreshing coconut chicken hotpot and Hainan cuisine to Hong Kong. Packaged with a modern interior design atmosphere, bringing in a refresh dining experience found in nowhere else.

Since launched in October 2017, FL Fusion caters authentic Sichuan cuisine, neo-Cantonese dishes and delicate dim sum to a variety of people, leading with the contemporary twist to the concept of traditional Chinese culinary practice. The emphasis is placed on the selection of ingredients, whereby the chiefs are able to create uniqueness onto each plate by incorporating all Asian cooking styles into one.

Chic and relaxing is what FL Fusion speaks of in its design - a daring contrast of colors: white marble tables against the turquoise walls, embroidered with elegance. Environment as such where customers can enjoy this decent blend with food is extending the entire experience from pure eating.

The Charcoal Room is the first gourmet Korean charcoal grill house in Hong Kong. Different from eateries that serve on a cast iron plate, charcoal grill can lock the organic essence in the food, with a charcoal aroma coating. In addition, we have sourced all the best fresh beef all round the world, featuring premium Korean beef and wagyu mainly, which is unique cut and displayed in the meat cabinet together with oder high quality ingredients. This is the trendy, fancy hape we created for our diners.

COTI offers the most precious variety of quality coffee and various of tasty healthy dishes, delicately brewed and served with integrity, cooling down the pace of HK people. Indulge people in the finest coffee where they can find positive energy and stories that motivate them.

Established in July 2019, “The Bottle” offers certain varieties desserts, including attractive modern dessert and traditional Chinese snack Bingtanghulu. Must-try items include the strawberry snow ice and soda, gourmet desserts would be a welcome relief for any dry throats, to savour the taste of a delightfully sweetness and freshness.

Established in June 2019, “Meokbang BBQ Kidzone” offers the latest and authentic Korea's dishes. From dishes, facilities to décor Meokbang BBQ Kidzone combines the new and the traditional of Korean culture in order for a multi-sensory enjoyment for both of the kids and parents, creating an innovative place for family gathering to enjoy good time.

Coti the Bistro stands for an advanced and pleasant coffee shop. It could also be said to be a sophisticated French-style bistro. With noble and exquisite light food, guests could enjoy the coffee shop’s cuisine in a modern and comfortable environment. Coti the Bistro provides a fashionable space for guests, with various food and beverage choices, and maintains close relations with guests. It impresses guests with human touch and indulges them in a warm atmosphere.

Established in July 2019, The Master of Char Siu providing the high quality “char siu” and a wide variety of comfort food, to reminisce on early local tradition and brings a touch of luxury. Our signature “char siu”is tender and succulent, made with selected parts, aims to let every customer taste our signature dishes and enjoy the taste of “char siu”.


Established in July 2019, “Foodeli” is a food hall that brings together catering and retail. It’s positioned to offer local street delicacies and introduces local renowned restaurants, offering the unique Hong Kong “street food tour” experience in a comfortable, one-stop environment. “Foodeli” is one of the pioneers in Hong Kong that is equipped with an area for kids to play and eat, so the little ones can be entertained while the parents are enjoying their feasts. The food hall aims to cater to the various needs of family customers and to create a new gathering point.