Message from the Group’s Directors

         Progressing with the times, Building our future together.

          Time certainly flies. It has been 22 years since the establishment of “富臨火鍋
         食館,” our first restaurant in Tai Kok Tsui in 1992. Starting from a hotpot
      restaurant, Fulum has now grown into a renowned restaurant group with a range
    of catering brands and more than 4,000 staff within just one-fifth of a century. Commitment to change and the constant pursuit of excellence have been the guiding principles of Fulum.

The foundation of knowledge in Chinese catering is extensive and profound. Fulum’s strategy of opening restaurants has adhered to a commitment to meeting the market needs through innovative concepts and ideas. In the beginning, we focused on the hotpot segment. Then we opened abalone specialty restaurants and restaurants that focused on wedding banquets for the mass market. Later, we introduced trendy hotpot dining to target the young consumer market segment followed by our entry into the bakery business. Our developments till now have underscored our strategy of pursuing change in the past years aligned with market trends.

Starting from 2004, the Group has entered a new era of corporate management. We have substantially enhanced our operating efficiency by adopting a more systematic and modernised operation model. Catering is a service industry and as such, talent is an aspect of the business that we treasure. Therefore, the Group strongly believes in maintaining high morale among the team. The concerted efforts of the entire staff have been critical to the Group’s success.

In the future, the Group will continue to advance in the business. We will insist on adhering to the concept of the “Three Excellences”, i.e., “a good dining environment, good food and good services.” We will maintain steady growth and move forward in the areas of brand innovation, geographical expansion and market direction. Together we will work hand-in-hand to build a strong, pleasant and better tomorrow!

About Fulum

Years of diligent efforts has paid off as Fulum Group has become a renowned restaurant group in Hong Kong. After 22 years of operation, we have grown into a catering group with 55 restaurants in Hong Kong and more than 4,000 employees. Today, it is a brand well-respected for quality dining in Hong Kong as well as a key pillar in the catering industry.

Fulum Group set up its first restaurant “富臨火鍋食館” in Tai Kok Tsui in 1992. In 2001, to provide a delicious cuisine that suits mass market customers, the Group opened the first “Fulum Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant” in Kwun Tong. To keep at the forefront of market trends, the “Fulum Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant” restaurants launch three recommended food items and six special dishes to the general public every month. Besides, the brand also provides hotpot and a variety of other dishes, which have been well-received by mass market customers.

“Sportful Garden” was established in 2002. Mr. Yeung thought abalone should not be reserved for high-end customers only and he wished to serve abalone to the general public. Therefore, the Group opened the first abalone specialty restaurant in Kwun Tong. Its brand logo is inspired by the shape of abalone, and is well-known to consumers in Hong Kong.

In just a short time, Fulum Group has grown rapidly in the catering market. Meanwhile, the Group’s wholesome image and attentive services have earned the appreciation of customers. The Group has begun providing wedding banquet services with the establishment of Pleasant Palace in 2005.

To keep abreast of the market trend and cater to newly emerging customer segments, the Group has specially developed various brands, including the “Winter Steam Pot Restaurant” which targets young generation. Through the years it has grown from a single restaurant “富臨火鍋食館” to today’s diversified restaurant group. While Fulum Group has operated multiple brands and adopted different operational and management strategies, it has adhered to the concept of the “Three Excellence’s” – a good dining environment, good food and good services. With customers as its top priority, the Group brings the best dining experience to all Hong Kong people.

Taking social responsibility and keeping abreast of the times

To cope with the development of the Group, the traditional restaurant management style which emphasizes a single source of authority does not suit the needs of a fast growing restaurant enterprise. Thus, the Group has introduced corporatised management in 2004. The Chinese restaurant industry has been plagued by the traditional public misconceptions as characterised by outdated facilities, under non-standard supervision, evading rules and regulations, taking advantages of legal loopholes, etc. After the introduction of corporatised management, the entire staff of the Group has undergone professional training and education. Thus they realise the importance of “knowing the law, abiding by the law, and making the law” and convey the resulting social responsibility to employees and also customers. As a result, the Group has introduced 5S management practices promoted by the Labour Department to enhance the quality of environment and menu. The Group has entered a new era by moving with the times. Guided by a people-oriented and quality-first spirit and through fulfilling social responsibility in a civilised enterprise, the Group continues to build on the past successes and creates brilliant prospects for the future.